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1 - Query SQL
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Installing a custom flow step requires Admin permissions in Marketo. Apart from the Installation URL, all other aspects of a serviced may be edited after completing initial onboarding by drilling down into the service detail screen from the Service Providers grid.

In Marketo navigate to Admin → Service Providers and click Add New Service

From here, follow the bellow steps to install and configure the flow step.

Outbound Fields

The Query SQL flow step does not use outbound fields.

Inbound Fields

The Query SQL flow step uses user driven mapping for inbound fields. This means there are no preset inbound fields but you can set select which person fields the flow step is allowed to write to.

Global Configuration Fields

Global user inputs that are passed along with every call to the Query SQL flow step service. Global attributes can be set during installation or updated from the Service Provider admin menu.

NameAPI NameTypeDescription
SQL Hosthoststringip address or url for database connection
SQL UseruserstringUser to connect to your database. Permissions should be read only and tables should be highly restricted
SQL PasswordpasswordstringSQL database password
SQL databasedatabasestringSQL database name
SQL port (default 3306)portintegerSQL database port (default 3306)
Flow Step Fields

These fields are set for each individual instance of the Query SQL flow step and are sent per-lead when it is called.

NameAPI NameTypeDescription
QueryquerystringQuery string. Database query should only return one row.
Return JSONreturnFieldstringWhen selected the entire query result will be saved to this field in JSON format
Context Data

Program ContextData about the program where the flow step was triggered including name, id, type, workspace etc.
Campaign ContextData about the campaign where the flow step was triggered, including name, id, type, status, etc.
Trigger ContextContext around the trigger that initiated the smart campaign where the flow step was called. No data is sent if the flow step was called in a batch campaign.
Subscription ContextGeneral data about the subscription including munchkinId and name

Flow Step

Once the Query SQL flow step is installed it becomes available in smart campaigns.

1 - Query SQL
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Trigger & Filter

Once the Query SQL flow step is in use the activity can be used as a trigger or a filter inside smart lists and smart campaigns.

SQL query is sent
1 - SQL query was sent
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